Ron Colonial

A rare infused and slowly aged beauty from the land of beautiful rums.

So on my visit to Guatemala, of course, I decided to buy some souvenirs, and what better to bring home than one of the things Guatemalans are amongst the best in the world; Rum.

There are two main brands of rum in Guatemala, both very well know around the world; Botran and Zacapa, the last one has been awarded the best rum in the world in several occasions, Botran on the other side, has “just” one half a dozen gold medals. These two rums however can be found in most liquor shops around the globe, so I decided to look for something new, at least something new for me, and I say this because the beauty I ran into, has been around since 1953, an aged and infused rum called Colonial.

Ron Colonial, together with their far cousins Botran and Zacapa, are produced by the same house, Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. The difference is that Zacapa and Botran have been part of this house for decades already and Colonial was an independent rum house until a few year ago.

Colonial is an interesting mix of a small badge aged rum, which by itself, I am sure it will be a very fin product, that is infused with vanilla beans, fresh prunes and sun-dried raisins, all signature products of the magical town of Antigua, the place where this rum was born. This fine liquid is sold in a very classy bottled, decorated to the style of this city, which used to be the capital of the country. (read more about Antigua, Guatemala in my soon to come post)

So how does it taste, you are asking? it tastes like honey, like honey for adults. This rum is very sweet, and by this I don’t mean its sugar sweet, but its aromas and roundness of flavors, translate into a sweet palate when you drink it. You can feel the spiciness, distinctive of all Guatemalan rums but enhanced with the infused vanilla. The prune and the raisins just round up the whole experience. You get notes of wood, caramel, honey and spices.

The best way to drink it; neat, maybe add a small cube of ice if you live in a city with warm weather like myself. Is it good for cocktails? of course! like any good liquor or spirit, the best it is, the best your cocktails is going to taste. If you are going to play with this rum, I recommend that you use it instead of bourbon, brandy or cognac in classic cocktail recipes. I hate to disappoint you but, no, rum and coke is not a cocktail, a Cuba Libre is, but you are only excused to have a Cuba Libre with good quality aged rum when you are in Cuba. Instead, try a classic Old Fashion with Ron Colonial.

So to summarize; if you ever go to Guatemala, this is your souvenir, nothing else. And if you are lucky enough to find this jewel in your local liquor shop, do not hesitate and get a bottle or two for yourself.

Category: Rum
Subcategory: Aged & Infused
Country: Guatemala
City / Zone : Ciudad de los Caballeros de Guatemala or Antigua
Alcohol: 38%
Flavor: 8.5 / 10
Aroma: 8.5 / 10
Color: 8.5 / 10
Presentation: 10 / 10
Value: 10 / 10
Price: $20 usd in Guatemala

Until the next post…

Quench your thirst, stay hungry and keep moving!

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