La Lobera – Baja California Sur, MX

A wild and virgin hidden piece of land.

As promised yesterday on my Instragram account, here is the whole gallery of my first photo shooting session I took with my first semi pro camera, 7 years ago!

I apologize as the size of the images is not bigger but is what I could rescue from the web, as I have lost all my documents two times, once my Mac was stolen, the next one, a crappy Dell just broke out and nothing could be recovered. I learned a lesson to always have two backups, just in case!

Well, what you can see on the images is a beautiful, virgin, desert and wild beach called La Lobera, located just a 30 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas in the Mexican Baja. If you are ever around Cabo, don’t miss this place. It is a bit hard to find and even locals are strangers to this beach. So I have a present for you:

Just google the following coordinates: 23°05’57.6″N 110°06’16.3″W

Turn the map view for satellite and there it is! You can se a sign for road #19 and exactly there, a small dirt road on the left hand that goes down all the way to La Lobera… you are very welcome!

Please be aware that this is dirt road, if it is raining or it recently rained, or you see a very cloudy sky, avoid going down as it can be quite risky to go up again as all the water goes down from the mountain by parts of this road. Also mobile signal is very weak. If you do manage to get down on a dry and sunny day, which are most days in the Baja, be sure you are prepared with lots of water and an umbrella as there are no shadows to hide aways from the desert burning sun. One last recommendation, do not swim here unless you are an open sea experience swimmer. I consider myself a very good swimmer and I don’t swim here, it is open sea and the waves can get very rough.

Take your precautions and you will enjoy this place to  the maximum. If you do go, share your pics!



Until the next one…

Stay Hungry and Keep Moving!

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